Georgia is traversed by a multitude of unique outdoor spaces and trails that define communities, connect people and get people outside. Yet there is need for so much more. There are many opportunities to increase access to a multitude of parks, communities, and experiences.

The Georgia Trail Summit was first convened in 2014 by the Georgia Trails Alliance, a nonprofit that aims to connect Georgia’s trail community. Hundreds of stakeholders have gathered to advance the role that trails play in our state’s health and culture.

In 2019, responsibility for the conference transitioned from the Georgia Trails Alliance to Trust for Public Land.  The 2019 conference also saw the formation of the Georgia Outdoor Recreation Coalition, an inclusive coalition of outdoor enthusiasts advocating for policies, projects and programs that strengthen and expand Georgia’s outdoor recreation infrastructure, culture and economy.

Recognizing the strong alignment between trails and outdoor recreation, the Summit evolved to the Georgia Outdoor Recreation and Trail Summit in 2022.  We maintain our culture of advocacy and education, with a slightly broader perspective and a more refined focus. The Summit aims to increase the capacity of local governments and advocates to create trail and outdoor recreation opportunities while advocating for greater statewide investment in these areas.

Trust for Public Land is the proud host of the 2022 Summit as we bring together non-profit leaders, city planners, elected officials, greenspace advocates, recreation enthusiasts, and others to envision an accelerated and ambitious approach to improving Georgia’s trails and outdoor recreation venues.

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